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A New Family Member

How sourdough can become a part of your family.

Sourdough is one of my favorite things to do in my kitchen. However, I didn’t always feel that way.

See, when I first started my sourdough journey, I didn’t know what I was doing. My friend who gave me part of her starter was so patient with me with my million calls and texts. It seemed overwhelming and confusing. So, I threw in the towel and threw the starter away. After taking a sourdough hiatus for a year and a half, I decided I wanted another go at it.

I’m so glad I did.

Here’s why:

Sourdough is intentional. Not complicated. Intentional. It takes time and effort. If it’s neglected, it can be forgiving. If it’s starving, it can be fed. (Unless it has been left on your counter for weeks at a time without being fed, chances are, it can still be used.)

Sourdough has a way of making you slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. Family, home, cozy atmosphere, the kitchen table, and time.

Picture this:

Outside the weather is chilled by a northern wind. The ground has more colored leaves than the trees do now. Like the changing of the guard, the weather is doing its own change. Autumn is passing the torch onto winter and winter gladly accepts.

Inside, there is a fire blazing; hungry for every piece of wood you feed it. Warmth and light it gives back in thanks. The kids discover there’s a peace and calm that comes after the busyness of the day. Games are brought out, books are opened and read, and conversations are sure to ensue. This is home.

With the settling in for the evening unfolding, there is a beginning of sorts happening. My sourdough bread that I started early that morning while the children stayed nestled in their warm beds, is beginning to rise. It’s waking up to tell me it is ready. Ready for what you may ask?

As it rises in front of the blazing fire, happily watching the children with their activities, somehow it decides it wants to be apart of the family. Because sourdough is personable and relatable.

It’s time! Time is what has proven that sourdough wants to join in. For hours it sat patiently waiting, watching until it would make its appearance before the audience of the family. And now, that time has come. The oven finds itself an occupant. The bread thanks me again. This time, by releasing a fragrance that makes my family long for it.

As the sourdough loaf is cooling on the counter, it watches the family yet again. The table is being set. The children bustle around with place settings, utensils and cups. Dinner is ready. As the family settles into their seats, a sharp blade finds its way into the heart of the loaf releasing an enticing aroma and the sound of a fresh, crisp crust. It deserves the center of the table, the center of attention. What artisan item doesn’t? It smiles as hands reach for a piece, tummies are full, and hearts are happy.

Sourdough is personable. It wants to be a part of your family story. Your home story. Your kitchen story. It says this by the way it responds to your intentionality to the details of the day. This is home.

I wanted to share my love of sourdough with you. That’s why I created a 7-day sourdough starter eBook. In these 7 days, you will start and grow your own starter. I’ve also included a sourdough bread recipe as well as FAQ’s. What are you waiting for? Download your eBook today for only $1.25!

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