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What's for Dinner?


Are you tired of taking time out of your busy schedule to figure out a meal plan for the family? I know all the people need to eat, but who has time to sit and plan a grocery list much less a menu for the following week?

I hear ya. I try to go to the grocery store every Friday. I’ve been doing that for years. It just makes things easier for us. Plus, if you are like me, you don’t want to spend your weekends going to the store. That’s family time in my humble opinion. For years, when Thursday evenings rolled around, I would be in panic mode. I had forgotten to make a menu, so I spend what precious little time I have scrounging for recipes and meals. And what I didn’t get done on Thursday evenings, I was left to do Friday mornings. Ugh. It is no fun.

But I realize I can’t be the only one in this boat. Surely there are other moms out there who have the same struggle. Or maybe you are a mom who heads to the store with no real plan in place. You’ll figure it out when you get there. (I’m just going to take a moment and praise you. That is not something I will never be able to do. Kudos to you. That is impressive.)

If you are looking for a plan, a strategy to tackle the grocery store, I am here to help. My easy to use, downloadable menu has dinner ideas every day of the month. Most recipes are easy. Mostly staples in the homes of families. Some recipes may look foreign or a little daunting. That’s ok. These are not complicated recipes. Sometimes I love recipes that require a little work and an ingredient I haven’t heard of. But mostly, I need quick, easy, simple meals for my busy schedule. Am I right?

With this plan, feel free to move the menu around so that if fits your family’s particular needs. On busy nights or longs days, I try to do a crock pot meal, or a one pot stop meal. On nights when we have absolutely nothing going on, those are the nights I want to spend a little more quality time in the kitchen.

You can find the downloadable, pdf form here. For a onetime fee of $2.99.

It prints well on cardstock paper. You can print either black and white or color.

Keep your eyes open for the release of the following month's menu PDF downloads.

I recommend buying this notepad to write down your weekly grocery list. It helps keeps your list all in one place!

Tell me, what is a staple meal in your home? What do your kids love for dinner?

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