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A Story About Me

Updated: Jan 14

Hi, I’m Kelly. I wear many hats and shoes. I am a homeschool mom to 4. I am the sole owner of a cottage bakery, the Director of the local Christian Women's Networking group, women's ministry speaker, author, and appreciator of anything homemade.

My passion: HOME.

I had always loved baking. In fact, it was one of my favorite pastimes with my family. Coming from an Italian family, our gatherings were centered around food. Holidays were spent together at my grandmother's house making desserts and treats. Food and food appreciation is in my blood. Baking for people is a love language of mine. Food is therapeutic and it brings people together. It was in this love for food that I started my cottage bakery. I wanted to share the joy my family had with homemade goodies with those around me. I am so glad I did.

Most days, you will find me tucked away in my kitchen conjuring up my latest recipe idea. It’s my go-to when I have company, the need to be home, cold winter days, rainy days, long summer days. I bake. It’s what I do!

On top of baking and mothering, I am an author. I released my first book Deborah and the Motherly Anointing in 2023. I also have a few recipe eBooks out as well as a devotion, Praying for Your Husband: A 21 Day Devotion.

It is my heart to see God’s daughters set free from hurt, past pain, trauma, and rejection to rise as warriors and brides of Jesus.

I’ve been married since 2004 and even though marriage can be excruciatingly hard, it has been such a blessing in my life. To be entrusted to love and honor someone is not to be taken flippantly. It’s a calling to serve my husband. Every day I get to choose how I will fulfill that calling.

Home is a place to thrive. It is a place of peace and joy. Home is a sanctuary. A haven for our families that we as MOMS get to cultivate. Looks Like Home isn’t about what a home looks like externally or how well it’s decorated internally. It’s about what is being put into the home and poured out. The heart of your home matters. Is there peace? Is there truth?

Let's face it, one day our homes will be empty, but the people we shared it with will be the ones left with the memories as they make their way into the world.


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